2 Simple Steps On How To Live A Well Balanced Life

Does having a well-balanced life feel like an elusive dream for you?

For many women it is and every year it’s high on the list of things to change.

There is no doubt that our lives are filled with demands pulling at us from many different directions, sometimes with no end in sight. Living a life out of balance – at a hectic pace — comes with more stress and depletes us of our energy.

Living a well-balance life is not a destination; it’s not something that you achieve and then you are done. Instead, a well-balanced life is a series of choices that you make all through the day everyday that either move you toward or away from balance.

Follow these 2 simple steps and you’ll naturally move towards a well-balanced life.

Step 1: Be more aware of your choices

Each day we make choices that influence our pace and quality of life, and often we are completely unaware of the choices we are making and how they affect our life balance. So often we are operating from habit, instinct or need.

While it’s a good thing that we don’t have to think about every little choice we make, when it comes to creating a balance between our professional, family and personal activities, it’s critical to be conscious and deliberate about our choices.

Otherwise, you may find yourself feeling the negative effect of your unconscious choices by feeling overwhelmed, out of control, stressed, or even sick.

Here is a simple method I recommend that works:

Become more aware of the many choices you have to make in a day and ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is this moving me toward or away from living a well-balanced life?
2. Do I have a choice? and
3. If I don’t have a choice, what can be a positive perspective around this choice?

These three questions can make a big difference in your professional, family and personal fulfillment.

Step 2: Be intentional with your choices

Sometimes women feel that in order to live a well balance life, they will have to make life altering changes. While that may be true for some, most of us will experience more balance by starting with simple, intentional choices.

Often times it’s the simple deliberate choices that ultimately have us feeling more peaceful, content, and in control at the end of the day.

Here are a few simple choices you can implement right away that can make a big impact in your life balance:

Choose your leisure activities wisely. You only have a limited number of hours in the day for fun, so spend them on things you really enjoy.

When someone asks you to do something, don’t just say ‘yes’, only to regret it later. First consider how that thing will impact your well-balanced life.

Plan at least one task every day that you know you will complete, and that you know you’ll feel good about. Ask for help when you need it, and then make it happen.

Identify the most stressful things in your life, and make simple changes so they feel less stressful like spending 5-15 minutes a day in quiet – read, meditate, walk, stretch or take a bath.

One of my favorite tips is “Something is better than nothing.”

Living a well-balanced life is about consciously making simple, intentional choices – every single day that move you toward or away from balance. It’s about choosing where to spend your energy, your time, and even your money.

You have the power to make these small, simple choices throughout the day for big impact on your health and wellbeing. Set the intention this year and consciously move toward living a well-balanced life so that you can start living a vibrant healthy life.

Make a choice today to live a well-balanced life full of energy and vitality.
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